Sri Krishna Janmastasmi Festival -2014


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The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) will be celebrating the Krishna Janmastami festival, the appearance day of Lord Sri Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead on, Monday August 18th, 2014 at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, 188, New Chetty Street, Colombo-13.

 The program will commence at 5.30 a.m with the auspicious Mangala Arathi (Pooja) followed by the Procession of Baby Krishna. After that the devotees will have the opportunity to bath the Lord with their own hands with milk using Valampuri conchshells. Then the Lord will be placed in a special cradle and the devotees will have the opportunity to rock the cradle with the Lord inside. In the evening there will be colourful program from 5.30 p.m till midnight which include Cultural program by the children of Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home (Gokulam) and the Children of Hare Krishna Religious School. The festival will culminate at 12 midnight with Maha Abhishekam for Sri Radha Krishna followed by Arathi (Pooja) and prasadam.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for New Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for 

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

188, New Chetty St, Colombo-13, Sri Lanka

With the blessing of Lord Krishna the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony was  held on the 27th of January 2013 during the auspicious period from to
25.01.2013 Friday:          At 10.00 am: Vaasthu Pooja
26.01.2013 Saturday:     Morning: Pooja and Homam for Varaha Perumal 
& Booma Devi                
27.01.2013 Sunday:        From morning 7.00 am : Foundation Stone Laying

After the laying of the foundation stone the deities of Sri Sri Radha Krishna, Lord Jaganath, Baladev & Subathra were taken in a procession to a temporary place.

The foundation stone laying ceremony was conducted with the participation of:

Ø  The Governing Body Commissioner His Divine Grace Jayapataka Swami – the Chief devotee presiding over the function.
Ø  Temple Priests:  His Grace Sipivista Das Prabhu – India, His Grace Shyam Chand Das Prabhu – India
Ø  Priests who performed Yagyas: Sriman Anandamoya Das Prabhu – India, 
    Sriman Rohit Das Prabhu – India
Ø  On behalf of Temple Construction Committee: Mr.V.T.V. Veerabahu
Ø  Stapathy: Viswasri C. S. Shanthakumar
Ø  Temple President: Sriman Mahakarta Das
Ø  Vice President: Sriman Nimai Sundar Das
Ø  Secretary:Srimati Nandarani Devi (Principal of Gokulam Children’s Home)

Devotees are kindly requested to donate generously for the Temple Building Project and receive the blessings of Lord Krishna.

Bank Details
Commercial Bank
Kotahena, Colombo 13,
Sri Lanka.
A/c Name: ISKCON Temple Fund
A/c No.                 : 1120017042
Indian Overseas Bank
A/c Name:Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple
A/c No. :0000020308
Hatton National Bank
Jampettah Street,
A/c Name :ISKCON
A/c No. :207010000891

Annual Ratha Yatra-2012

Annual Ratha Yatra Festival-2012
The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in Sri Lanka celebrated the Ratha Yatra Festival for the 14thconsecutive time on Sunday the 30th, October 2012.

H.H.Jayapataka Swami and H.H.Bhanu Swami also attended the festival. The Ratha left the temple at 7am from the Radha Krishna Temple and reached Ramakrishna Mission Hall, Wellawatte and remained there until 2nd October on which date started the journey to Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple.
Thousands of devotees from all over Colombo participated enthusiastically and received the blessings from Lord Jagannath, Baladev and Subadhra.

There was chanting and dancing by the Mayapur devotees and prasadam distribution. Many school children and the Hare Krishna religious school children also were in the procession.

Govardhana Puja 2011

The Govardhana Puja was celebrated in the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple on the 25th October 2011.

This festival is celebrated  to commemorate the pastime of the Lord lifting the Govardhana Hill on His little finger, in order to protect the residents of Vrindavan from torrential rains sent by Indra. The Supreme Personality of Godhead performed this pastime as a seven year old boy in order to crush the pride of Indra, the Lord of the heavens. Lord Krishna forbade the residents of Vrindavana from worshipping Indra.  He induced them to worship Govardhana Hill instead. The Govardhana Hill is not an ordinary hill.  It is actually very dear to the Lord.  On this day Govardhana Hill is worshipped in a small replica form, made of cooked rice and other edibles in temples all over Vrindavan.  This replica of the Govardhana Hill is generally known as ‘annakoota’.  Huge quantities of food are prepared in this ceremony and are very extensively distributed.