Cow Protection programme in Sri Lanka


In Sanskrit the cow is called as ‘Aghnya’ which means “not to be killed”. The Vedas consider the cow as the most sacred animal and killing of a cow is considered to be the same as killing a Brahmin. The Veda mentions that there are seven mothers namely 1) atma-mata (one’s biological mother) 2) guroh patni (the wife of one’s teacher) 3) brahmani (the wife of a brahmana) 4) raja-patnika (the wife of the king) 5) dhenu (the cow) 6) dhatri (the nurse) and 7) prithvi (the Earth). Hence it is evident that the Cows should be considered as ‘Mother’ with all the sentiments and protection granted to one’s own biological mother. Cows are also considered to represent ‘Mother Earth’ which in turn signifies the importance to honour them and worship them. Not only in Hinduism, other religions such as Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism also prohibit killing of cows.