New Temple Project

Iskcon-Colombo-Temple-Project2-300x199ISKCON temple in Sri Lanka was established in 1976 at Colombo the capital city of Sri Lanka and since then day by day, devotees joined and made presence till date. The deities of the temple are Sri Radha Rajagopal, Jagannath, Balaram, Subathra and Gaur Nithai.
At present a new temple for ISKCON – Sri Lanka is being constructed at the same place and is a prominent place in Colombo city. Once the temple is constructed, it will be a landmark in this area and will operate as the headquarters for ISKCON in Sri Lanka.
This construction project was initiated with the blessings of H.H Jayapataka Swami and H.H. Bhanu Swami the Governing Body Commissioners.
It is estimated that the cost to complete the temple will be over US $ 1.2 million.
It is being planned to have the new temple inauguration in 2016 for the 50th Anniversary of ISKCON.
Devotees who wish to contribute to this project can contact the temple via email ( or visit the temple website ( for more information.