Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple Project

ISKCON Sri Lanka has initiated a grand project for Lord Krishna in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This will be a landmark project of ISKCON Sri Lanka in the Capital City Colombo.

The ISKCON Sri Lanka was established in the year 1976 at No: 188, New Chetty Street, Colombo -13.

This temple was started in a small way and now it has grown bigger in terms of the activities undertaken by the temple. The property of the temple was purchased on 2007 by the generous donations received from Temple Members, Devotees, and Well-Wishers. Also the deities of the temple Radha and Krishna were donated by Tirupati, Tirumala Devastanam, India.

Old Temple Premises


Now ISKCON Sri Lanka is constructing a new temple at the same location in Colombo with more facilities to accommodate more devotees and to facilitate various spiritual and social activities. The construction of the temple is under way and the cost of the temple construction is estimated to be around Sri Lankan Rupees 150million (Which is around USD 1.1 million).

Proposed New Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple Plan