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Bank Details

Your donations could be sent by draft/cheque/ money order on behalf of the ISKCON or Gokulam account mentioned below to the ISKCON Sri Lanka address:

ISKCON Sri Lanka, 188, new chetty street, Colombo 13, Sri Lanka

Donate to ISKCON Temple

Account Details:
Bank account name: ISKCON
Swift code: CCEYLKLX
Routing no: 7056 012
Account no: 1050669901

Bank name and address:

Commercial Bank
Kotahena branch
Colombo 13
Sri Lanka


If you become a Life Member at this time, you will be supporting the temple construction project for ISKCON in Colombo.

The Life Membership is a one time payment of SLR 19, 999/- only!

The benefits of being a Life Member…

You become a member of ISKCON internationally.
There are over 450 ISKCON Centers around the world and you will be provided with free accommodation & Prasadam.
You will receive spiritual books written by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada which included ‘Bhagavad Gita As It Is’ – in the language of your choice!
You will get regular newsletters and magazines which will keep you informed with up to date happenings in ISKCON worldwide.

Sunday Feast Program is conducted every week and Poya Day Feast is conducted every month regularly with over 300 devotees participating in it including congregational members and Hare Krishna religious school students.

Full Lunch is served with Rice, Dal, subjis – Minimum 4 vegetable preparations, pakora, papadam, payasam etc on Banana Leaves.

Raj Bhog Prasadam – On the other normal days, for the deities, offering is made with Rice, Dhal, Chapatti, Subji, Sweet, Fruits etc. This is then distributed to the temple devotees and guests.

You are welcome to participate and give donations for the Prasadam for the Pleasure of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.


Sunday Feast  
LKR 10,000
$100 USD

Poya Day Feast 
LKR 10,000
$100 USD

Daily Bhoga Offering (6 times) 
LKR 5,000
$50 USD


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