Jhulan Yatra – Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple Swing festival

The Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Colombo is celebrating “Jhulan Yatra” from the 3rd of August 2017 until the 7th of August 2017. This festival is to commemorate the childhood pastimes of Sri Krishna with his friends, the young cowherd boys and girls, swinging underneath the trees during the rainy season which usually falls in the month of August. The festival is one of the biggest celebrations in Vrindavan – the land where Lord Krishna exhibited his childhood pastimes. In Sri Lanka, the festival will be celebrated for five days, from the eleventh day of the bright fortnight known as the Ekadashi until the full-moon day known as Purnima.

The Deities of Sri Krishna and Srimati Radharani will be adorned beautifully and placed on a swing decorated with flowers where the devotees will be able to take part in swaying the swing and offer direct and personal service to their Lordships after the Pooja. There will be kirtan and bhajans taking place in which the devotees can take part.

Date: 3rd of August 2017 to 7th August 2017
Time: 6.00 pm onwards
Venue: Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, 188, New Chetty Street, Colombo-13

 Inviting you with your family to take part in the bhajan, Puja and hearing the glorious pastimes of Lord Krishna and Srimati Radharani…Be the recipient of bountiful mercy of Sri Sri Radha Krishna…

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Way To Find Peace Programme

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami is conducting a Special Cultural Programme and Spiritual Discourse in Sri Lanka.

Date: 11th Wednesday  January 2017

Time:  5.30 pm -8.30 pm

Venue:NEW KATHIRESAN HALL,                                                                                              Bambalapitiya, Colombo-04.

Click on to the link below for more details.

Way to Find Peace

ISKCON 50th Anniversary

Bhagavad Gita was distributed to all the 225 members of the parliament of Sri Lanka on the Gita Jayanti Day 10th December 2016.
The pictures show the Bhagavad Gita being handed over to the
Honorable Prime Minister – Mr.Ranil Wickramasinghe
Honorable Speaker of the House of Parliament- Mr.Karu Jayasuriya
Honorable Deputy speaker – Mr.Thilanga Sumathipala
Honorable Minister – Mr.V.S.Radhakrishnan
Honorable Member of Parliament – Mr.Yogeshwaran

The Temple President Mahakarta Das of ISKCON Sri Lanka along with Sri Gaura Das Prabhu and Bhata Siva pallan distributed the books for the parliamentarians.
Honorable Minister V.S.Radhakrishnan arranged this event.

A special ceremony to celebrate Deepavali celebration at President’s House

On the occasion of Diwali festival celebration at the President’s house. Krishna Priya presented Bhagavad Gita to the President of Sri Lanka. Nandarani Devi Mathaji – Principal of Gokulam Children’s Home along with Mahakarta Das – Temple President of ISKCON Sri Lanka.